martes, 13 de mayo de 2008

Andrew, desde Negreira

Over 1200 km from Malaga and less than 100 km to go!! Arriving in Santiago with los chicos de Malaga was truly awesome. I didn´t expect to have the honour of arriving in their company and attending the Pilgrim Mass with them, but on the Camino you have to expect the unexpected.

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sylviahija dijo...

Wellcome a este blog y también enhorabuen por la llegada a Santiago.

Daniela dijo...

Hi Andrew! You are the new guy in the town of this blog! Seven years ago, Pepe and Gerard let me share with them the amazing arrive to Santiago, now you are there! Luck on the rest of the road!

Noel dijo...

Ya sólo queda el último tramo del camino, incríble que hayáis atravesado España de Sur a Norte caminando. Besos